Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Old Clothes for New Hope

My old clothes donated
I remember I was in Grade 3 when I last made an official donation. Much like how commiserable I was at that time for the typhoon's victims, I pitied myself having been able to share only a can of sardines, a can of about-to-expire imported corned beef and two pieces of old clothing (one almost-ripped sando and one loose shirt). I was even scolded by my lola for taking the corned beef without her permission -- that's what you get for procrastinating on your assignments.

That is why I got so excited to finally extend a good amount of help to the victims of Sendong in Mindanao. Some of my friend's extended family members were victims of the typhoon, but instead of asking for help solely for them, they opted to stretch out their blessings to more families in their hometown. I originally was about to share mine to her but the meeting time was in conflict with my shift. Good thing, though, our company was collecting donations as well, thus I still had a chance to donate.

I was ecstatic to let go of the old yet it's a delight to know that it's one act that would bring some people a sign of hope. 
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