This blog was created in a desperate attempt to retain my sanity. It pays to touch base again in writing.

The original intent was to create a travel blog; however, at that time, I never had the chance to explore. While it's still a goal, I opted to instead shift my insights on a bigger journey, hoping to inspire others by sharing and relating life experiences.

The blog was named "Bringing back the habit" to show progression of my aim to keep the old self, the so-called writer in me, alive. Apparently that writer is the more sane side of me; he uses words to release any extra baggage.

My blog's first and original design

For being a fan of different series, I thought of plotting the blog like one. After all, life's a big series; seasons change to culminate maturity over trials.

But most of all, this blog is a testimony of my desire to use my gift of writing. It's all because I heard a call to bring back the habit.

If you want to touch base with me, hit the choices below:

Thank you very much for reading!
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