Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why Jessica Sanchez's Idol run matters much to the Filipinos

Jessica Sanchez was only starting to create a buzz when I shared to my colleague the fact that another Filipino made it to American Idol 11. Expectantly, she knew about it, but she also quickly commented "Ina-acknowledge ba nya na Pinoy sya?” (Does she acknowledge that she’s a Filipino?). And she listed a number of American "stars" with Filipino roots who do not acknowledge themselves as being one -- Vanessa Hudges, Rachel Bilson, among others. She got a point, but I believe Jessica's case is different.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In a Towering Awe: Up the Capones Island Lighthouse

I was informed that we were going on an island-hopping the next morning, but I didn't know it was only really "island"-hopping (yes, singular). It was only at Capones Island. But despite that, I was never disappointed. In fact, I was glad we spent the whole morning admiring the whole island.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Heard the Good News in Sagada

If I remember it right, we were walking towards the Hanging Coffins when I received this text message, paraphrasing, "Nacontact na namin ang mama mo" (We were able to contact your mom). I don't remember if I made a call or text to confirm if it's true or not, but all I know was that I was "happily shocked," if there is such a word. But, at that time, really the emotion was more than words could describe.

Bokong Falls, Sagads (2006)
And I believe it's quite fitting that no words could translate the feeling that I had at that moment. I've read status messages saying if there's more to "I love you" or "thank you," that's what they would say to their moms. More so, in my case, that I was finally be able to feel how is it to be nurtured, cared and loved.

It's a long distance relationship, mom, but I could feel your love going beyond texts and calls. Just wanted to say, you've completed the puzzle in my life and that means a lot to me. It's a mystery that despite the long separation, we can sincerely say we love each other. It was at the right timing, mom, and it was all orchestrated by God. I guess that's how He created moms like you, that when I was in your womb we already made a bond. Just wanted to honor you today as it's your day. I love you.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

View from the Top: Trek of the Anawangin Mountain

I was not ecstatic at all when Orli told me we were going to take a trek on that day. First, my only decent rest (not even sleep) since my shift from the night before was on the hammock. Second, I am not mentally prepared to get bruised. However, just like the very reason I was in that place, I was glad I said yes like any other friend (peace, Orli!).

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Seeking the Swamp: Appreciating the Anawangin Banks

Since we arrived late lunch time in Anawangin, my companions were not in the mood to hit the beach. But I never wanted to waste an opportunity to explore the place and so I invited them instead to join Orli and I in checking out its infamous swamp.

Swamps are characterized by very slow-moving waters

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