Monday, May 30, 2011

Farewell Getaway

For a change I was merely a participant during our May 21-22 company team-building summer getaway, and, yes, I enjoyed it a lot. For the first (and "last") time I was able loosen up and appreciate more the company of my co-workers and former subordinates.

I can't remember the last time I got really excited when I saw the mere sight of the sea at La Luz Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas. While I'm not really fond of beaches and while I have none to compare with, in the first place, La Luz did manage to wow me with its blue waters and unique beachfront set-up -- the cushions on their cabanas are comfy enough that you can sleep or rest like you're in the actual rooms.

I'd say the event was a standout merely because, for the first time, I made myself camera-available to pose for some crazy shots. Thanks to the zany ideas of Clare and the rest of her team.

Limbo stand

"Dead" with two ten peso coins covering the eyes

Kissed by a (cute kid) stranger
Leading an aerobics class
My team -- the Blue Troop -- even won the first game challenge and, at the same time, awarded myself with some new friends from my team members, whom I was only able to really bond with during the entire two-day activity. It's also because the resort's restful ambiance was inviting enough to allow us to bond. But winning was not without a price -- I was so sucked up on beating the other teams that my blood pressure shoot up! Yes, I had hypertension! Good thing it's only due to too much exertion.


Raine, Rio, me, Jarrel, Dave
Covered with sand

With backs sitting on the cabanas
Group hug!
And since it's not like every day I can visit a beach, on our last hour, I (and Ron) challenged my co-workers to swim towards the line bordering the resort's off limits area (my assumption was it's almost 15-20 feet deep -- or maybe I was exaggerating. Hehe...). We had the guts to do so, thanks to our life vests! I even managed to plunge deeper for a couple of seconds and was able to see some young corals and colored fishes. Call me nerd but for a "non-swimmer" like me, it was like a lifetime achievement.

Water fight
Body underwater

View from the rocks
And so I'd like to take this opportunity to thank again Clare (and Mommy Chats and Ron) for inviting me and still considering me a part of the TQA family. Clare, I really greatly appreciate it. Mommy Chats and Ron, thanks for not forgetting your original "father." LOL!

Ron, Mommy Chats, Patty, me, Clare
To my TQA family, keep aiming for the best. You guys are among the top teams in our company so keep up not only the good work but also the camaraderie. God bless, everyone. See you around!

Photos courtesy of Rio, Jonat, Ron and Kendall.


  1. Nice trip! It looks like you really had fun. And the resort looks really beautiful. Ang ganda ng beach sa Laiya! :-)

  2. Waah! I am so happy you posted a comment. Hehehe... it's not like everyday I get comments from experienced bloggers like you. Thank you very much! And thank you more for including my humble blog in your blogroll. Thanks thanks!

  3. Really brings back good memories... thanks, Sir Mike! ^_^
    - Pachochay

    1. Hehehe... that's why this blog was created. To document good memories. "Keeping tracks of the journey" hehehe. Miss you and teh gang already. Take care always. Enjoy life! :)


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