Saturday, May 21, 2011

Entering A New Season

I suddenly found myself taking a different route. All that has happened (and is happening, as of this writing) seemed to have conspired to totally open an all-new season in my life. While some are planned, most events transpired without even the slightest hint -- in fact all are too drastic that I can't even keep up and I just had to let it slide.

The moments are too unprecedented and I just realized I am in a story arc that's bound to end yet another chapter. It's season finale indeed. But as much as I hate to create a big deal out of these moments, I know they had to matter. After all, the outcome may either build or destroy my character.

While I don't intend to shed my whole life to the world, these series of posts are meant to record the emotion and thoughts that I know I can sentimentally value, gushing on that crazy, zealous idea that I can surreptitiously inspire others.

Hit the episodes below:

The Look
The Job
The Characters
The Home
The Heart

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