Thursday, March 31, 2011


It's a mix of sweets. The concoction for summer. A treat to a swelling heat. And so I took one from KFC, yes Kentucky Fried Chicken. Their version via KFC Krushers blended all the usual halo-halo ingredients with their dairy slush. I had to take one - I even waited for more than an hour as I ordered too early - just to ease my scorching head! Despite costing Php65, I reckon it'll overpower more than what the weather had induced that day. I badly needed a cool booze. Remember a day when you can't even define how and what you should feel? It's like "drinking" halo-halo - a mix of all the right and wrong elements.

Why I value a one-day leave

03.18.2011 - This date was a "gem" since it was my second one-day leave for the year. Yes, I know, it's a shame. And so I valued this very rare opportunity to spend a fulfilling day off:
1. Passport Application - I  took a leave originally entirely for this. I was scheduled at 9:30 and before I knew it I was off the road 1 1/2 hours after. DFA rocks, as I have twitted, being very satisfied with their service!

2. Coffee Night with Barkada - Because my friends value me so much (or so I assume LOL!), they scheduled our coffee night on the same day. Lucky me. I love you friends! We agreed to meet at Anj's place, for a change. Her pad is located at Palm Towers Condominium, a very memorable place as I stayed in the same building before for more than two months (I will share this in a different post).

Jaja asking for a White Pizza! LOL!
3. White Pizza Treat - I have to include this as an event because it felt heaven eating Brooklyn Pizza's White Pizza. This one's a real treat, folks! A real value for your money!

4. Overseas Conference Call with Jaja - Valuing the time we could spend as a complete "barkada," the date was saved to see and hear our friend who's now based in Riyadh. As usual we did not lack any interesting stories (or, more so, life updates) to share. My laptop Miguel was used so I was so proud of my baby!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Four Seasons

In awe to Jaja's tumblr entry, I couldn't help but grab a four seasons drink from a local fruitshake stand in Plaza Pacita. I used the opportunity then to take my Saturday food trip fix by matching it with takoyaki and siomai.

It has been my habit to take a stroll over the local palengke before finally going home. And it is not without intention - there's always a slice of hope that something exciting would eventually come my way. But seasons have passed yet I still take the same route, seeing the same faces, walking as the same me.
Vis Maior Cafe at Centro Pacita

And so I was inspired by Jaja's reminiscent of our college years and, as usual, I have to take all that inspiration somewhere, somehow. So then that day, for the first time, I sat on one of their tables to drink my fruitshake and munch over takoyaki and siomai. It's not a big event, not even a moving one, but it sure felt comforting to stop being an expectator and just grace the everyday events.

Since I am eventually moving out of Binan, I thought of using the remaining months to finally experience the usual places I see. And to further fulfill that vow, I am writing this entry in one of Pacita's local cafe's, the Vis Maior Cafe at Centro Pacita. I am soon entering a new season so why not make some encounters with the locals before welcoming new characters into my life?

Random Thoughts: Travel Dreams

I am thinking of giving up my job and just travel for a living. Am I in my right mind? 2011 has kept me thinking after the much stressful corporate drama I had to go through (no details, sorry). But one thing is for sure -- I miss traveling! My best of friends from college made me realize there's more to life than a successful career. Indeed, despite the achievements, I don't feel I am fulfilling my thirst for real "fulfillment."

I have been reading travel blogs and it's an amazement for me that these folks can still find time to bust out of the city and enter new worlds when I can't even squeeze in a time to update this blog!

I originally planned to travel in Malaysia this summer and as usual I am rescheduling it. I still have that notion that traveling requires extensive budgetting, on which I have allotted for my much-dreamed condominium. My broker said I am getting it this June (hopefully). After that, maybe I can go back to traveling, rethink of my options and finally become my real old self again.

Or do I really want to become my old self again? I really don't know. That's why this is also labeled under "random thoughts."
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