Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Race for My Life

Photo courtesy of Real Life Foundation
I arrived barely 10 minutes before the run. A lot more people were already at the starting point and, most probably, have done enough stretching, unlike me. Do I have to worry? Not a bit, I thought. This run, after all, is not outdo them, but to set a benchmark for myself.

I heard the queue and, with the rush of adrenaline, I wanna run ahead and create a good start. But good thing, though, I have been reminded not to exhaust myself too early in the game as this can tire me throughout the run. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Where is home?

I have been busy looking, thus it has almost been two months since I last blogged. I thought I did enough to finally get a home, but this season has instead tested that very lifelong desire of mine. Am I making the right decisions? Am I taking the right direction? Indeed I questioned -- and not just the fact that I'm still as transient as before, but I questioned the very essence of why I had dreamed of having a home. 

So much has been revealed since that victorious day, but I have to admit the heart is still in the process of mending, and that I am still constantly asking. I am asking to the point that I again started questioning and, worse, rant about all that's happening. 

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