Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lose Yourself

He gripped hard on his pillow as if holding on from being dragged. His eyes were closed yet it seemed like his vision's as clear as the noon's time. He's fully covered yet he felt he's been stripped off naked. On that night the darkness was blatantly exposing his fear, and he has welcomed it.

He validates his mind was being played. He's never been questioned of his identity more than now. Flashbacks were defining him. Details of his defiance and escapades were as real as the coldness of his room.  It was a bold attempt. If he lose now, he's going to lose forever.

But he was delirious to know it's happening. Finally, he let go of his grip and allowed the thought to expose the truth. He opened his eyes and allowed himself to cry. He took off the sheets and allowed the air to amend the numbness of his heart. It was the greatest fear he has ever felt. On that night he was convinced that he's loved.
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