Saturday, March 5, 2011

Four Seasons

In awe to Jaja's tumblr entry, I couldn't help but grab a four seasons drink from a local fruitshake stand in Plaza Pacita. I used the opportunity then to take my Saturday food trip fix by matching it with takoyaki and siomai.

It has been my habit to take a stroll over the local palengke before finally going home. And it is not without intention - there's always a slice of hope that something exciting would eventually come my way. But seasons have passed yet I still take the same route, seeing the same faces, walking as the same me.
Vis Maior Cafe at Centro Pacita

And so I was inspired by Jaja's reminiscent of our college years and, as usual, I have to take all that inspiration somewhere, somehow. So then that day, for the first time, I sat on one of their tables to drink my fruitshake and munch over takoyaki and siomai. It's not a big event, not even a moving one, but it sure felt comforting to stop being an expectator and just grace the everyday events.

Since I am eventually moving out of Binan, I thought of using the remaining months to finally experience the usual places I see. And to further fulfill that vow, I am writing this entry in one of Pacita's local cafe's, the Vis Maior Cafe at Centro Pacita. I am soon entering a new season so why not make some encounters with the locals before welcoming new characters into my life?


  1. I looove takoyaki and siomai! Ikain mo na lang ako. Hehe. Yummmm! :)

  2. Yep, a favorite drink which apparently describes us hehe


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