Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tour de Taal Town

My two-month vacation is almost over and so I thought I had to make a trip somewhere before I start on my new job. As I ought to still save some of my backpay money for my condo, I had to make sure the tour will be less than a 5K budget. And since I owe some obligations to my relatives in Lipa City, I figured out I'll just travel within my own province of Batangas.

Since I am not a beach bum (and that summer is really over despite the heat), I thought of one place where I can just walkabout and simply appreciate the sights. Only one place come to mind -- the Town of Taal!

Yes, I am a proud BatangueƱo, but I honestly had no idea what to expect and even how to go to Taal! It's one reason as well why I would like to start off traveling again within my own backyard. Thanks to Lakwatsera de Primera, Pinoy Adventurista, Ferdz Decena and Ivan Henares, I was able to create my itinerary for the trip!

Jeepneys (and buses) going to Lemery pass by the Heritage Town of Taal. From Lipa, the jeep ride only cost me Php47. I reserved a Php1,000 room at Casa Punzalan, on which I would like to thank Pinoy Adventurista for this tip! Though they have rooms for Php600 only, I opted to take an air-conditioned room because of the current heat (hehehe...). 

Casa Punzalan Hotel
Reception area

Second floor lobby
My room - Php1,000 air-conditioned
Casa Punzalan Contact Information:
Tel. No.: (043) 408-0084
Mobile No.: 0921-7600527

Not many tourists are visiting the place when I was there (and I thought I was the only guest of the hotel till I saw two travelers checking out the next day) and so I kind of felt eerie during my stay (hehehe...). I guess that's the effect of sleeping in old houses like this. No, I have no scary stories to share but more of admiraciĆ³n towards the experience.

This is supposedly a one-post story but as I was circuiting the town, the beauty of its heritage inspired me to create a special story arc for Taal (and making this made me realized I should have listened to my Spanish classes during college):

El patrimonio de Taal
Viva Villavicencio
Visita Brgy. Balisong
Exhibir en Galleria Taal

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