Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Visita Brgy. Balisong

I've always declared myself a proud Batangueño and so I felt the obligation to discover the Balisong Capital of the Philippines. And finally it happened when I came to visit the Taal Town.

Brgy. Balisong
Balisong, which is also referred to as butterfly knife or fan knife, is distinct as to how its knife blade can be brought to bear quickly using one hand. I remember being taught how to manipulate a balisong but I had long forgotten to use the skill. 

At first I thought the balisong stores are actually within the heritage town that's why it surprised me to know that there's a Brgy. Balisong that specializes on this unique type of knife.

An array of countless balisongs of different shapes and sizes, including other types of knives, are displayed on every store located just by the road. There are no gimmicks to entice a tourist into buying, unless you ask a manong to demonstrate using a balisong.

I honestly wished they could have designed a more "touristy" Brgy. Balisong. The whole experience was less than a 15-minute walk and I had to simply decide whether to buy or not. Since I'm not comfortable keeping  sharp-pointed objects in my bag, I just settled for a 3-for-100 key-chain balisongs made from tanso (copper).

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