Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Find It Hard to Speak Up

I guess that's why I am blogging. Nevertheless, despite that, I hate sharing problems. I just used halo-halo and tithing to release all my negative emotions at that time.

I guess it's the ego in me -- that I have been used to solving my problems alone (or at least with so little help from others). I was just lectured at work yet I don't feel like throwing the lecture down to my subordinates. The bad thing is, I feel like most people are misunderstanding me.  I just can't be angry. I DON'T LIKE getting angry at all. Last time I acted too emo, I almost lost my good friends.

And so they say I'm too aloof; I say I prefer to reserve my thoughts till I have the right words to use.

And so they say I'm a snob; I say I'm not used to being noticed, and oh, by the way, it's not my fault that my eyebrows meet halfway.

And so they say I'm too assuming; I say I don't like doubts affecting my goals.

This is for the people asking. I'm sure my friends would agree that I'm too good of an actor when I am around others -- and I dare say we all are. We value trust so much, and I am no difference.

And so they say I'm too emo; I say again I just find it hard to speak up. Isn't it obvious that I am writing instead?


  1. You can always talk to us, Kel. I accept emails and FB messages all the time, any time. You don't have to be always alone in dealing with every thing. :)

    Pero kung gusto mong mapag-isa at mag-emo, pwede din naman. Lol.

  2. Hehehe oo nga eh. Syempre pag di na kaya kelangan ko na ng suporta. Good thing lang ngayon, at least may blog na to release my emo side. LOL!


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