Monday, September 5, 2011

Exhibir en Galleria Taal

Exhibit at Galleria Taal.

I was about to wrap up my Taal tour upon visiting the Villavicencio houses when the lady caretaker informed me of the newly re-opened Galleria Taal. It was just a walk straight ahead from the house  (along Agoncillo St.) so I gave it a shot anyway, and I was just so glad I did.

Graflex Graphic Century camera, 1950; USA
Galleria Taal was used to be the ancestral house of familia Ylagan-Barrion. Candida Barrion, the third child of original owners Domingo Ylagan and Maria Martinez-Ylagan, paid off her siblings so her own family can reside in the house. After her death in 1975, the house fell in disrepair till 2004 when her grandchild Emmanuel "Manny" Inumerable initiated its restoration.

Galleria Taal
The house was originally the Ylagan-Barrion ancestral house
It was only in March 2010 that the house was formally opened as an exhibition venue of antique cameras and some antiquarian Philippine photographs. What amazed me was the fact that all of the vintage cameras are owned by Mr. Manny Inumerable himself.

The vast collection is composed of rare cameras from the late 1800's to 1900's. I was so overwhelmed of such number that I almost nearly did not notice the rare photos that are on display as well. The photos depict the early Philippine photography in the Spanish and American era and even some during the Japanese occupation, Marcos era and EDSA revolution. Sadly, I was so consumed over the cameras that I failed to take some shots of these rare photo gems. Instead, I opted to pose with some of the camera collection (thanks to the lady caretaker who even teased me, saying I look like Coco Martin. LOL!).

Ironically, my camera wasn't as sophisticated as any on display so most of the shots did not turn out well. Nevertheless, at least most of my favorites had good quality captures:

Century Studio Camera - made by Century Camera Co. in Rochester, New York, USA between 1900 to 1907.
This Century Studio Camera was the prime camera used by progessional photographers for portraits. The Century Studio Camera Company was then later acquired by Kodak Eastman.
Gundlach Banquet, 1915
Deardoff camera, 1950
Nikon FM2 Dragon Kit, 2000
Ontoscope Stereo Camera, 1925; Paris, France
Rolleiflex cameras - In his days as war correspondent, Ninoy Aquino used a Rolleiflex camera, which was featured in our PHP500 bill
Minox B Set, 1960; Japan
Asahiflex camera, 1955; Japan
Kodak Bulleye No. 2 Camera, 1895-1899; New York, USA
Sanderson "de luke" camera, 1902-04; England
Poco Blair American No. 14, 1895; USA
The Nikon FA Gold, 1984 - my favorite among all!

Despite how preciosio the collections are, you wouldn't believe that the entrance only costs PHP20 when I was there! That being said, indeed, this place is a must to visit in Taal!

For more information on Galleria Taal, you may contact the following: 
Manny Inumerable (Proprietor) - 09189124051
Dolores Bautista (Museum Caretaker) - 09067632449

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