Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In a Towering Awe: Up the Capones Island Lighthouse

I was informed that we were going on an island-hopping the next morning, but I didn't know it was only really "island"-hopping (yes, singular). It was only at Capones Island. But despite that, I was never disappointed. In fact, I was glad we spent the whole morning admiring the whole island.

Capones Island is another 20-minute boat ride from Anawangin. For some reason, we were not of equal number or weight, thus I had to stay at the back of the boat where there's no "trapal" (cover). Nonetheless, I was able to endure the sun, thanks to my SPF60 sunblock and to Budz, who shared her shoal.

Proud to join manong at the back of the boat
The sun actually didn't stop me from enjoying the sight and what we were about to experience in the island. I even thought it was due to the heat that I was pumped up when we finally landed in Capones Island. Unlike Anawangin, Capones is a rocky island.

Capones Island - I can't take a full view shot
Capones Island - docking part
The Island is rocky
 As I didn't want to waste time and energy, I invited Marnie and the rest of the Top 4 to quickly start the walk.

Our agenda: to reach its famous lighthouse.

Rocky stairs going to the trail
One level up!
It was an easier trek, if it was even considered as one. There was already a trail to follow and the trees covered some part of the sunlight as we walked.

After about 15 minutes, we were able to reach the Capones Lighthouse. It thought it was the setting for the "Parola" (Filipino for "lighthouse") episode of Shake, Rattle & Roll 13. It looked like it but I didn't bother verify. Yes, all its outbuildings, except for the lighthouse itself (actually its topmost part only or the watch room), was left to rust, but I thought it actually added to its charm. But, of course, if they plan to ever fix this, it would really be a cool site.

Made it!
There were a lot of people still on the watch room so we waited for our turn to experience the view. When it was ours, we maximized our time till another bigger group arrived.

Going up the lighthouse
With Razel
Our group goofed around!
While circling its main gallery (space located outside the watch room), I saw stairs going up to its topmost part. I suddenly remembered a post by one of my favorite travel bloggers, Ed of Solofighted, on which he boldly stand on this.

Going further up
I can do this, right?
I attempted to do the same but I could only muster enough courage to just sit. I guess I couldn't be as brave as Ed yet (I'll get there, dude! LOL!). But I was still glad I did manage to sit and was able to see a larger view of the sea from the top.

Sitting and looking scared. LOL!
Better angle!
The sea -- I was too scared to take a wider shot
More sea
Silly as it may sound, I felt that this and the two other episodes of this story arc has allowed me to steer the "wild" heart that has been kept inside for a very long time. Little did I know this experience would make me realize what John Eldredge has always talked about in his books. At that time, I couldn't help but thank Him for pushing me on this trip. While it was a chance for us to honor our dear friend Jeff, it was also a moment that He used to minister inside my heart. 

And yes, because of this, I intend to take more travels every now and then! If the initiation includes conquering the world, then I am ready for it!

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  1. i visited this place last 2009, ang tamad tamad ko pa noon. haha hindi ako umakyat ng lighthouse. toinks!

    now i regret it. well congrats you did. =)

    1. Hi Chyng! Thanks for the comment. One of my fave travel bloggers commenting, I'm flaterred hehehe... Well, you can still go back, right? By the way, looking forward to seeing you on PHL360!!!! :)

  2. woohoo! wonderful experience sa capones. isa yan sa mga favorite kong napuntahan na isla sa Pilipninas, kaya lang sana may mag-meynteyn nung lighthouse kasi medyo sira sira na.

    I also climbed the topmost pero hndi kaya ng tuhod ko tumayo doon.. :)

    1. Hi Mr Batang Lakwatsero! Thanks for the comment! I am pleased you posted one hehehehe....

      Yep, nakakatakot nga dun sa tuktok. Thought you can actually do it. I've read your adventures and the latest one on Mt. Marami. I'm impressed! :)


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