Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bud Wiser

As I was in need of a new bag for traveling (I didn't have any budget at the moment to buy my dream North Face bag), I thought of finally freeing up of junk my blue JanSport Big Student backpack. It was a padala (consignment) of my Auntie from the U.S. (so it is an original!). If I'm not mistaken, I had it since second or third year college -- that's almost 10 years of just using it as a storage bag! True to its brand, the bag's still functional and strong despite stuffing it with big photo albums, old toys, random school stuff and a can of Budweiser. Yes, I kept a can of Budweiser. And the can was years older than the bag itself.

Old Budweiser

I can still vividly remember the very first time I went on a "gimik" to the mall. I was with some of my second-year high school classmates, with whom I didn't even share any close ties with. It was only because my high school crush invited me, and for her I tried enduring the company.

Their idea of fun -- drink inside the cinema. I was not yet a drinker at the time, and back then I didn't look like a "pasaway" student (in fact, I looked very nerdy). That was probably the reason why my crush handed me several cans of Budweiser to keep in my backpack. My role: slip the beer cans inside the cinema.

I used to bring almost everything in school so I was able to easily hide the cans behind my numerous stuff. We went inside a Japanese karate movie -- which was so bad that the title didn't even ring a bell -- because we knew not a lot of people would be watching. We were right, thus our group was able to enjoy drinking in our "private" space. Every now and then, my crush -- who was seated in front of me, next to another boy classmate of mine -- would ask me to hand her one can to another. Oh, I could still remember the urge to be obedient. It could have been just my imagination -- as the observation called for only during the darker parts of the movie -- but I was almost very sure that my crush was cajoling with my classmate. 

Lid full of dirt

I knew that being jealous was as useless as the fact that I am liking her. But it felt good liking someone so much so that it felt just right. Conscious or not, I've allowed myself to be dictated, flowing through the course of life around.  

Half-way through the film, people inside the cinema were already getting annoyed with our little noise. Before we get into too much trouble, everyone decided to go out of the movie house. My memory could still recall the smile I had as we make it through the exit. Two Budweisers were still left in my backpack -- I knew I was bringing home a token from a girl I once dreamed was mine.

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