Friday, February 11, 2011

Wanted: Girlfriend

Yeah, why not post it if you're desperate. But am I really that deperate?!? LOL! I am not bad-looking, am I? Oh, well, I am not a sports hearttrob that can easily (and confidently) ask a girl on a date for Valentine's via Twitter. Guess I'd have to settle with the smiley she sent to me way back November 17 at 5:13AM Manila time. Yes, I twitted Angel how much I admired her workaholic ways and she replied privately with a smiley. Woot! Woot!

I can't blame Phil. Though he's not getting it on February 14, Angel hinted they may do it some other time. Lucky Azkal!

Oh yeah, I remember I have been keeping a McDonald's My Sweety Bear for years now, thinking I'll find the right girl to give the toy on a Valentine's (Is this still sweet, girls? Oh, I spoiled it!). It's still with me as of this writing so I guess I'll have another year to keep him. *Sigh*

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!!

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