Saturday, March 5, 2011

Random Thoughts: Travel Dreams

I am thinking of giving up my job and just travel for a living. Am I in my right mind? 2011 has kept me thinking after the much stressful corporate drama I had to go through (no details, sorry). But one thing is for sure -- I miss traveling! My best of friends from college made me realize there's more to life than a successful career. Indeed, despite the achievements, I don't feel I am fulfilling my thirst for real "fulfillment."

I have been reading travel blogs and it's an amazement for me that these folks can still find time to bust out of the city and enter new worlds when I can't even squeeze in a time to update this blog!

I originally planned to travel in Malaysia this summer and as usual I am rescheduling it. I still have that notion that traveling requires extensive budgetting, on which I have allotted for my much-dreamed condominium. My broker said I am getting it this June (hopefully). After that, maybe I can go back to traveling, rethink of my options and finally become my real old self again.

Or do I really want to become my old self again? I really don't know. That's why this is also labeled under "random thoughts."


  1. thanks for dropping by my site, hope you still find some time to travel despite your busy schedule...

  2. Thanks, Flip! You're my inspiration to go back to traveling again. Your blog's the first one I encountered when I had this dilemma so I thank you for that and I support all your adventures! See you on the road, bro!


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