Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why I value a one-day leave

03.18.2011 - This date was a "gem" since it was my second one-day leave for the year. Yes, I know, it's a shame. And so I valued this very rare opportunity to spend a fulfilling day off:
1. Passport Application - I  took a leave originally entirely for this. I was scheduled at 9:30 and before I knew it I was off the road 1 1/2 hours after. DFA rocks, as I have twitted, being very satisfied with their service!

2. Coffee Night with Barkada - Because my friends value me so much (or so I assume LOL!), they scheduled our coffee night on the same day. Lucky me. I love you friends! We agreed to meet at Anj's place, for a change. Her pad is located at Palm Towers Condominium, a very memorable place as I stayed in the same building before for more than two months (I will share this in a different post).

Jaja asking for a White Pizza! LOL!
3. White Pizza Treat - I have to include this as an event because it felt heaven eating Brooklyn Pizza's White Pizza. This one's a real treat, folks! A real value for your money!

4. Overseas Conference Call with Jaja - Valuing the time we could spend as a complete "barkada," the date was saved to see and hear our friend who's now based in Riyadh. As usual we did not lack any interesting stories (or, more so, life updates) to share. My laptop Miguel was used so I was so proud of my baby!

5. Offsite Work - Yes, I know, I was a bummer for bringing work on a "gimik" night, but I couldn't help it. Workaholics value their job despite the stress.

"Fresh" from an overnight movie marathon
 6. Movie Marathon - Not really a fun thing to do if you're working at the same time. I slept in the middle of The Ugly Truth and I was stressing out while tuned in to Love Happens. Nevertheless, it was a perfect barkada bonding experience - it's the value of company that matters! It was a first for the barkada and it was not even planned!

7. Barkada Breakfast - Another "impromptu" moment. I once suggested a "breakfast date" with my friends instead of a coffee night because, well, of my night shift schedule. And so it eventually happened on this day - we had Jollibee longganisa value meal and life insights on the side.

It was on the same day that Pag-ibig called me up for a C.I. (credit investigation), from which I assumed I am near at getting an approval for my house loan (or condo loan, to be exact). Right after the call, I twitted that it was going to be a great day - and it indeed became one! Thanks to my "valuable" friends! This I will say - I love you Anj, Jaja, Ivee, Candice, Ryan, Ramil, Paul!

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