Thursday, March 31, 2011


It's a mix of sweets. The concoction for summer. A treat to a swelling heat. And so I took one from KFC, yes Kentucky Fried Chicken. Their version via KFC Krushers blended all the usual halo-halo ingredients with their dairy slush. I had to take one - I even waited for more than an hour as I ordered too early - just to ease my scorching head! Despite costing Php65, I reckon it'll overpower more than what the weather had induced that day. I badly needed a cool booze. Remember a day when you can't even define how and what you should feel? It's like "drinking" halo-halo - a mix of all the right and wrong elements.


  1. haha agree! mixed emotions, parang halo-halo!
    gusto ko din itry yung hrushers with yogurt. ok kaya?

    thanks for the link. keep writing (and start traveling!) Ü

  2. Thanks, Chyng. It's a surprise to see your name here. Wow! Flattered hehe been a fan of your blog ever since I encountered it. I will start traveling soon - see you on the road! :)


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