Friday, May 6, 2011

Firsts in Tagaytay

We were supposed to be in Baguio for the last weekend of April 2011 but, as usual, planned getaways are bound to fail. And so I suggested Tagaytay -- still a cold place, though, and such was needed for a hot summer temperature that ranges from 34 to 36 degrees celcius!

It may be a common destination for many, but for me, the trip was a first -- at least my first to actually be familiar with what the place can offer.

At 4:00ish, my bestfriend Ryan and I met up with Anj, Ramil and Candice at the Rotonda and we quickly decided to board at Candice's suggested hotel, Aroma Tagaytay Apartelle. The room only costs us Php640 each for an overnight stay, breakfast included.

Aroma Tagaytay Apartelle (photo courtesy of Angela Mayor)
Realizing we don't want to spoil the sun, we took an early dinner at Mahogany Market and savored at Tagaytay's signature dish, the Bulalo (stewed beef bone marrow with vegetables in broth). Before the momentous meal, mind you, I was zero percent unaware that Tagaytay is famous for their Bulalo! That was  a culminating event! LOL!

Bulalo happy!
And what's best to do after a scrumptious dinner? A coffee night treat! Ryan and I suggested Starbucks but good thing our friends were aware of Bag of Beans. Another coffee house conquered by the Sessionistas!

I am almost unseen in this picture! LOL!
Since it's a primodial moment, I opted to order their specialty coffee, a House Blend Coffee for Php95 and paired it with a Panacotta that costs Php110.

Me and Panacotta
Apart from enduring some mosquitos (being an open area borded by trees and empty bird cages), the ambiance was surely a hit for coffee connoisseurs like us. Of course, the session would never be complete without the usual all-night chit-chats, coupled with desset- and coffee-sharing.

Coffee night at Bag of Beans
But that didn't end our day. Since the "concall" with our friend Jaja did not push through the last time, we figured out doing one while in Tagaytay would be fun -- which even became hilarious when Ryan bombed us with jokes!

Woody (kid) is our special guest
It was late at 11:00ish when tireness took its toll. I just realized I haven't slept since my Friday night shift! Oh well, a usual sacrifice just to fully utilized my weekend. That was the cue to take a hot shower and hit the sack.

Comfy inside the room!
Despite having roughly only 5 hours of sleep I managed to wake up at 6:00ish and savor the morning heat. (FYI, it's a ritual for a night-shifter like me to wake up really early on weekends just to experience being a "normal human being").

When everyone's done with breakfast and bath, we checked out and drove (thanks to Ryan and his Car-lito!) to the Picnic Grove. Entrace fee only costs Php50 each. There were a lot of activities to do but we just took the cheapest, a walk on Eco-adventure Trail. I thought it was just a mere view deck (like that of Mines View Park), but I was surprised we ought to trek 500 meters! Nevertheless, the view and the cold wind should pamper you enough to finish the trail. Perfect for camwhoring!

Nice shot by Anj

And jump!
For a destination approximately only 55 km south of Manila, everyone should give Tagaytay a shot. Aside from giving my weekend a twist, it was overall an "awakening" travel for me. I was glad to squeeze in a lot of firsts in such a short weekend getaway.

With photos courtesy of Anj.

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