Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Victorious Weekend

When's the last time you felt more than overwhelmed? It's the moment you know your emotions are beyond words, and in all of that you care very little about exaggeration.

More than catapulting this year's goal no. 3, the weekend by far ruled over life's goodness, too good that "best" is almost an understatement. It's that time when you learn that the greatest education is all about His truth.

I was cringing over life's situations, and I dare declared affective quotes. Yes, it's a realization to stop yearning for people's approval and, yes, it's maturity when you care less of your competency as long as your character's intact. But even in a time when there's no need to be too desperate about life, I hungered for the love that His grace can only offer my heart.

I didn't care if it was a refresher; all I know was I wanted to touch base on a faith that's stronger. It was as if I received an urgent email detailing a different set of assignment, one that overwhelmed me to pursue a career that's truly worth my all.

May 7-8, 2011. Victory Weekend. For the record, my year's best decision was to attend.


  1. Congrats Mike for your victorious weekend! May you continue to anchor your victories in God's Words and promises so that you can withstand every storm that will pass your way.

    May this victory will not begin and end just this weekend, but it will continue forever as a living testimony of God's grace, love and faithfulness in your life.

    Be brave, strong, courageous and bold as you share the Word of God to the people around you especially to those who needed to hear it the most.

    God Speed!


  2. Thanks, Cathy. Appreciate the message. I will sure do. While I am in the zone, I intend to further build the faith!

    It's amazing how God uses people to touch other people's lives.


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