Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Race for My Life

Photo courtesy of Real Life Foundation
I arrived barely 10 minutes before the run. A lot more people were already at the starting point and, most probably, have done enough stretching, unlike me. Do I have to worry? Not a bit, I thought. This run, after all, is not outdo them, but to set a benchmark for myself.

I heard the queue and, with the rush of adrenaline, I wanna run ahead and create a good start. But good thing, though, I have been reminded not to exhaust myself too early in the game as this can tire me throughout the run. 

It's only now that I appreciate running. I was surely driven even more seeing other people taking the same direction. I even saw some "veteran runners," and  I couldn't help but be amazed that they still have that yearning to continue running. That made me think if I would have the same heart right after that day.

Middle of the run I thought of hurrying up as I don't want to catch the sun. Funny that I was afraid of the scorching heat yet I know it's all part of it. I don't want to stop yet that decision would have its share of exasperation, and that is true because our bodies are naturally weak.

Photo courtesy of Real Life Foundation
I attempted to brisk walk, but to no avail. And so I walked. Just walking. I was a mocker of runners; I thought it was easy. I realized I just ate my words.

I was about to make the curve when I felt some pain on my right foot. That time I had to make a decision if I would stop or should I just allow the exercise itself to cure the pain. I chose the latter, and I trust that running would ease the muscles.

I was already ahead of most people but I still I tend to stop more so often. Too much exhaustion, too much sweat, some pain, some stops -- all the same routine but definitely no stopping. No stopping. That time I was meeting more people halfway; some taking the 3K run now about to make that curve towards the finish line and some were still starting their own run.

More excitement rushed in when I was about to reach the finish line. No looking back. In no time I see myself conquering an important goal. Indeed that day marked a victorious day.

That achievement has grounded my heart. That burned a desire to beat a record for the next run. I will continue to join these enthusiasts who sees each run as a journey towards a lifelong fulfillment.

Ranked 263 (out of 1000) at 5K Race for Life / Time: 35:13; Pace: 7:03 
Race for Life 2011
Saturday, November 12, 2011
The Fort, Taguig

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