Monday, April 9, 2012

Oh My Mochiko!

Me and my Green Tea Mochi!
From the time it was featured in MYX's Wer U At (which was June 2011!), Mochiko has since sealed a lingering gustatory desire in my taste buds. Twice I maundered the whole Eastwood Mall when someone told me they have a stall inside the mall, on one of which I was even late for work. But to no avail -- checked Mochiko's Facebook and they were there for only the weekends of January. I was unable to visit them since I was taking the graveyard shift and my body's screaming sleep over food. Also, many times I've planned to go to Mercato just to finally satisfy my craving, but my weekend trips were never near Global  City (or if they were, Mercato's already closed). 

And so I was very glad when my friend Candice suggested to visit Mercato as our "pagpag"  venue (Sidenote: "pagpag" is a Filipino "pamahiin," that is, a tradition to go somewhere else before heading home to avoid having the ghost of the dead follow you -- we visited a dear friend's family's wake somewhere in Taguig). While I don't actually believe in such tradition, I was just thankful that I get to finally buy my very first Mochi Ice Cream! 

Of course, I had to try their bestseller, Green Tea Mochi! As expected, it didn't disappoint. The starchy taste of its "mochi" (pounded sticky rice) is purposely complemented by the sweetness of the ice cream filling -- like enjoying rice with a good viand! 

Thinking it might take months before I could go back to Mercato, I seized to buy yet another bestseller, Cookie Dough Mochi! It's sweeter than Green Tea but since it's overloaded with flavorful vanilla ice cream and cookie bits, your Php70 is just enough for a dessert treat. 

Me and my Cookie Dough Mochi!
Mochiko also offers the following flavors: Red Bean, Black Sesame, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Mango, Avocado and Coffee. All costs Php70. It is Booth #77 of the Mercato Central Weekend Market (Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00AM to 2:00PM) / Midnight Mercato Night Market (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday nights from 10:00PM to 3:00AM). Like Mochiko on Facebook and see more venues where they're located. 

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