Saturday, May 12, 2012

View from the Top: Trek of the Anawangin Mountain

I was not ecstatic at all when Orli told me we were going to take a trek on that day. First, my only decent rest (not even sleep) since my shift from the night before was on the hammock. Second, I am not mentally prepared to get bruised. However, just like the very reason I was in that place, I was glad I said yes like any other friend (peace, Orli!).

I asked Orli if he knows the name of the mountain but he has no idea as well. I tried researching for it but no other blogs have detailed or shared if there is really a specific name for the mountain we were about to trek (or maybe I have not been so diligent in looking). Anyway, the mountain was located on the left side of the beach (if you're facing the waters). 

FYI: This trek is not the same as what I've mentioned in my previous post (where a boy is a guide). That "longer" trek is a route going to and from the beach, an option from taking the outrigger boat. 

View of the mountain from the beach (taken the morning after)
But it's not that intimidating at all. It is rather a small mountain. Nevertheless, the trek was a popular activity as it gives a panoramic view of the whole Anawangin Cove. As previously stated, there were a lot of people on the beach, thus the trekking was no exception. The mountain was rocky and some parts were steep, but the real challenge was stopping on some sharp edges just to let a number of people go downhill. These stops, though, were our chance to take some shots of the broadening view of the cove.

Going up
First good view
As much as I wanted to document the whole trek, my beach slippers were of no help as it's, well, made for the beach, not for trekking. And did I mention a lot of people going down? There was only one trail (though on some parts you can "detour") so we had to be careful not to bump on people or slip when we needed to suddenly stop.

Dirty feet on slippery slippers
Still smiling despite the heat (with Joy)
Despite the heat, I enjoyed the exhaustion. For some reason, my body ached for such physical activity. I thought it must have been due to consistent sit-ups and push-ups I've been doing at home, or probably due to a brief state of euphoria (I am usually extra energetic when I lack some sleep). Whatever the reason was, it gave me a sense of satisfaction. I was enjoying the hike that I almost didn't realize we've reached the first clearing.

Happy to reach the first clearing
View of the other side
Most of our companions did not continue to the topmost part of the mountain, but Orli and I were up to the challenge. I was challenged even more knowing that three of our guys have already made it to the top (competitive! LOL!). It was steeper; nevertheless, I was determined to see what Anawangin has in store for us. In no time, I couldn't help but smile from ear-to-ear seeing the beauty, that is, Anawangin. 

View from topmost part
Proof I made it on top!
We took some time to appreciate the view of the whole cove and, at the same time, of course, take some good shots from the top.

The Top 4 (Version 1)
The Top 4 (Version 2)
Like any other climb, going down was so much easier, except that at some point I was sliding because of, well, my slippers. I didn't want to take them off because I might get cuts on my feet, thus I decided to use my hands as support.

That's us going down
Red hands
We were originally going to stay to catch the sunset from the first clearing but we thought it's wise to start early in preparing for dinner. Nevertheless, our photographer buddies (Ofel and Noah) managed to take some good shots before the actual sunset.

Group shot (thanks to Ofel)
Solo shot (thanks to Noah! Pang profile pic!)
I was pretty sure the group had an enjoyable experience, but for me it was a double treat. The bird's eye view of the cove was such a pleasure and the trek was a much needed break from my everyday routine. It was indeed a reminder of how much I've longed to go back to my active lifestyle.

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  1. wow! we also climb this on our 2nd day at the cove... at hindi cya madali.. hehehe!

  2. Hey! Yeah, I think it's the adrenalin rush that help me get through this. I actually enjoyed it! :)


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