Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Seeking the Swamp: Appreciating the Anawangin Banks

Since we arrived late lunch time in Anawangin, my companions were not in the mood to hit the beach. But I never wanted to waste an opportunity to explore the place and so I invited them instead to join Orli and I in checking out its infamous swamp.

Swamps are characterized by very slow-moving waters

Consider this a side trip for a swamp is not ideal for splash or plunge. Wikipedia even states that swamps are generally seen as "useless and even dangerous." And, yes, you would be warned about mosquitoes and other who-knows-what-organism-the-stagnant-water-offers.  Nevertheless, the harsh naturalness of the swamp is what makes it a delight to the eyes.

Not inviting as the Anawangin beach water
Almost half of the swamp is dry, obviously because it's summer. I thought it wouldn't be worth the effort till we see some water.

More rocks
Till we see some water
Not pretty, yes. But that is why "exotic" is best to describe nature -- the fact that it defies beauty's definition. Dirty water? I've braved great floods in UST so soaking on this swamp was never an issue for me. LOL! Sidenote: We met a boy who's a guide when you trek the Anawangin mountain instead of taking a boat (that's either going to or from). I believe he's offering it for Php500. Not sure, though, if it's a package.

In the water
The boy guide - "mas may abs pa kaysa sa akin" Nyahahaha!
Our companions were busy with their pictorials when Orli and I decided to walk through the banks. A number of folks were taking pictures on an arched tree and, yes, we followed suit.

See me
See you
Pose like a monkey! LOL!
The water gets deeper as you walk further, and at the same time the swamp's natural beauty is slowly uncovered. There's also a bridge that's structured on, I believe, the more deeper part of the swamp. I was saving my camera's battery for the beach so I failed to take more pictures. There were also a lot of people walking on it so we didn't bother join.

Swamps. More Fun in the Philippines!
The part that's directly adjacent to the beach

I knew it wasn't really extraordinary. In fact it isn't. But surely, the swamp banks on its grimly allure.

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