Friday, June 1, 2012

Bagnet in the City

Since our barkada travel in 2005, I had this silly notion that bagnet is the Vigan longganisa. I wasn't probably paying attention when our friend Jaja (who's from La Union and the one who toured us) bought and served the Vigan longganisa and not the bagnet. I guess I had a stuck thought of the term as it was always mentioned since we arrived in Vigan back then. It was only when our friend Anj treated us last weekend that it all changed. LOL!

It would have been nice if the enlightenment happened in Vigan as well; nevertheless, the food experience carried with it the required authenticity, thanks to the artsy, indie-feel resto in Makati, that is, 8065 Bagnet.

8065 Bagnet
Dining with happy friends!
The restaurant got its name from the street it's located, 8065 Estrella Street and, of course, from its specialty, the bagnet. It is owned and operated by Alain Nadal, brother of Kitchie Nadal (no wonder the interior screams of a "rocky" mood).

Graffiti at the back (lost my eyeglasses that day!)
Books and magazine available for reading
Cashier/bar area
Table with some cool portraits at the back
8065 is famed for its "bagnet with a twist," offering a variety of recipe based on several celebrated Filipino dishes.

Not your ordinary kind of bagnet
Closer look (yummy!)
We ordered three types of bagnet -- Original (Php175), Bagnet Spicy Gata (Php185) and Bagnet Sisig (Php185). While I am not in the position to compare 8065’s bagnet to its local counterpart in Ilocos, I’d have to say it delivers. Every bite of the meat reveals a soft-and-crispy tasty combination, divulging the fact that indeed the product lives in its “twice-fried” reputation. To further enjoy the bagnet, you may smear it with gata or mix it with sisig seasoning, thus adding more flavor into it. But just like eating lechon kawali, beware of too much bagnet. I became too cautious as well having eaten more than enough at that time. Hehehe…

Original Bagnet (Php175)
Bagnet Sisig
Bagnet Spicy Gata
Enjoyed dining (thanks, Anj -- she's the one in the middle! I'm telling the world hehehe!)
Two thumbs up!!!
8065 Bagnet is located at 8065 Estrella St., San Antonio Village Makati, Metro Manila with operating hours of Monday to Saturday, 11:00am to 12:00am; Sunday 5:00pm to 12:00am. It’s inside a residential area so you may miss the place. Just ask the locals if you can't find it since it’s a pretty popular resto in the area. 


  1. Huwaaaaaat! You thought it was the Vigan longganisa?!? KALOKA! Hahaha. But it's good that that's all cleared up na. I miss bagnet!!! I WANT!!!! :P Miss you, guys! Happy to see you have another "coffee night".

    1. That is right! And imagine that's almost 7 years that I thought Bagnet is Vigan Longganisa!!! Nyahahaha! Miss you too, Jaja! We'll have more coffee nights definitely!


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