Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Harry Potter's Guide on Achieving Victory over Voldemort

Movies are especially designed to lull our imagination, prompting us to wish for scenes to befall as actual personal moments. Ever experienced times wherein you and your friends would stay silent after exiting the movie house? That's due to "movie hangover."

Excited for Harry Potter 7 Part 2
Expectantly, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 also brought me some sense of association. In the hope of waking a dead man, Harry Potter taught and reminded me of the following top tips:

1. Destroy all hocruxes. Ditch the things that remind you of your past or probably the ones that keep you from moving on. It will take too much effort -- Harry, Ron and Hermione even rode a dragon just to obtain Helga Hufflepuff's Cup. Don't fret; the beauty of it is it'll give you lessons along the way.

2. Create your own Order of the Phoenix. Befriend people who can rebuild and rebuke. Yes, people who can help you create a good sense of yourself and at the same time remind you of avoiding the same mistakes again. And of course, they must be willing to fight for and with you as well.

3. Get mentoring. Harry would not be a good wizard without Dumbledore and the rest of his Hogwarts professors. Good advices come from those who have experienced the same.

4.  Resist the whispers. Harry was at his most vulnerable state when he would allow Voldemort's advances. You and I know the feeling. The only difference, though, is Harry can't sometimes control his own villain but, in our case, we can.

5. Die and live again. There's a reason for feeling good after getting a new hairdo. It's a declaration that you've initiated a change. It's time to face your enemy and declare victory. Harry did not really die because he actually willingly faced death. Can we be as bold as Harry, willing to sacrifice our old life to achieve a brand new one? 

Despite magic as the movie's main appeal, these points do not need wizardry to operate. Life itself is full of magic; it is designed for us to use our wand of faith.

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