Monday, April 25, 2011

Conquered Mission

I was never really good at teaching kids. And yet I have been a part of our church's Children Ministry for more than a year now. I guess that's the irony of life. It's a fulfillment for a bullied kid like me to finally feel being appreciated by kids.

That's why I felt so challenged when we held last April 18 to 20 our 2011 Children's Camp, a first for the whole JIL Area 25. I just can't take away the fear of failing to deliver as I still consider myself a newbie Christian.

But who would say no for an opportunity to share the Word and at the same time touch base again to the kid in you? It was an exciting event. Too exciting that I felt restless till it was over.

The truth is, because of my notion that it's very sensitive to teach kids -- more so teaching them the Word -- I would usually find myself undeserving to pitch. It takes more than the usual preparation; it's not as easy as conducting product training. It takes more than the talent or the experience; you have to have the heart to be effective. After all, it's not just a job; it's a responsibility. 

The second day marked an important personal moment. It was a lecture time on Paul's missions. Good thing I prepared a small presentation via The Brick Testament. Nevertheless, I still question myself as per sharing Paul's story. It was VERY long and I might bore the boys.

So I thought of the time when I was their age. I was then made to realize how envious I was to some Christian kids I knew back then, envious to the fact that they can still be good kids despite all the bullying. Moreover, they were kind to me, and I thought not many were willing to befriend a kutuhin (kid prone to head louse) like me.

Like how ill-treated Paul was, I related how I "challenged" the Christian kids I knew. The funny thing is it was not because I thought I was right; rather, it was because I resented the fact that they were unlike many I know. I thought they were uncool, thus a chance for me to do some bullying myself. I was wrong -- I thought they were actually the coolest.

And I thought the camp was just for kids. It turned out I had my own moments all throughout the three-day event. It was a chance to comfort a losing team and making them realize the activity was meant to teach them patience; it was an opportunity to display tough love to some of my boys, thus imparting the importance of discipline; it was a moment that I shed some tears again not because of pain but because of overwhelming love -- mind you, it was not on any heartbreaking activity; in fact I was only walking to the pool area and singing At the Cross.

Though these kids -- especially my boys -- made me lose my voice on our third day, it was all worth it. As the saying says, charge it to the experience. It was when it ended that I only realized I was alone babysitting 13 big boys!

And so I am now brushing off the idea that I can't teach kids. In fact, I am more proud than ever that I am a Sunday school teacher. If this is indeed a calling for me, I am completely embracing it. Thank God for the moments -- alas, I conquered a mission for myself.

About the venue

Jabez Campsite is located at Dasmarinas, Cavite, just by the road side of Governor's Drive. It's approximately 40- to 60-minute drive from Manila. For more info, you may visit this.

Aside from the campsite, they also house Home of Joy, a licensed orphanage that has roundabout 20 to 30 kids at the moment. Meeting some of them was surely another moment of grace.

The camp was definitely not just any event. We felt God's favor when the site allowed us to continue with the camp despite having less than 100 participants -- I was informed they said no to three groups inquiring to take less than 100. BUT they allowed us; God allowed us. That made me think God has a reason to. 

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