Friday, April 15, 2011

A Crunchy Surprise

I have been trying to look for another alternative "northbound bus food" (a coined term here -- watch out for details and a list soon!) as I feel a lot of guilt when I eat a nakamamatay na chicken skin (deadly chicken skin -- don't be bothered by the description; it's the exaggerated glutton in me). The thing is, unless I have time to prepare and eat a meal before going to work, I am confined to purchase either an edible street food or  any available cheap fast food product. You see, traveling to and/or from work is the same as meal time for me.

Then came Jollibee Crunchy Chicken Burger. While it triples the cost of a chicken skin, Php39 is considerably cheaper than that of KFC's Chik'n Fillet Burger, Zinger and, of course, Double Down.  Yes, Wow Burger should have been a better option (Php29) but I'd have to admit it doesn't have the ideal crispy taste. While not exceptionally flavorful, Jollibee Crunchy Chicken Burger is relished with a delightful mayo dressing that compliments its crunchy chicken patty. Yes, it's really crunchy! Try it with ketchup to further savor the burger experience.

P.S. I reckon this is Jollibee's answer to McDonald's Crispy Chicken Fillet Sandwich. Though similarly priced, McDonald's version looks and tastes bland while Jollibee charms theirs with a special dressing.

On second thought, I only juggle between Jollibee and KFC. Hope McDo plans to join the competition in Pacita.

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  1. I tried this too but I prefer the McDo version better.


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